Ah the Joys of managing your own wordpress website.

Simply put if you have been landed with the job of securing wordpress or its of your own doing, you will feel the wrath of  hackers trying to compromise your sites integrity,

Usually they will try to put some bad links to your site or even insert malware that can affect your visitors browsers and computers. ugh!


So how can you guard yourself against these hacker people???…


Here is a few tips and plugins that may help with securing your WordPress website.



WPS Hide Login by WPServeur (Free)

This nifty little plugin allows you to change your login page url. Its free and straight to the point.

As this is the first type of attack you will receive if you login url is the default wordpress, changing this makes it a lot harder for the hackers to find a way in by brute force guessing the username area.


NinjaFirewall by the ninja technologies network  (free)

This plugin is a powerful plugin that can really help against those next level attacks.

It does take a little more to setup and some server access is needed, but it is straight forward to get up and running and You will be much better off when it is working away.


Wordfence Security by Wordfence (free & premium)

Wordfence is one of the most popular Security programs around.

They have a premium version that gives a little extra oomph in their settings but overall the free version is pretty good.



  • Disable comments. You’ll mostly get spam anyway.
  • Turn off registration if you don’t plan on using the feature.



To my knowledge these programs can work in tandem together. I have yet to see any issues between them. I am sure that there are many more great plugins out there but these are what I am using at the moment.

So, with the above plugins/programs your site can be that bit more secure. Which will give you and your Boss that peace of mind you need to go about your daily business.